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Birth Name - Alexander George Victor Grech

Date of Birth - 1st May 1965

Place of Birth - Attard

Height – 5' 10” (1.7m)

Family - Mum and Dad, Sisters Anne Marie and Vicky and Brother George. Nephews and Nieces - Zak, Thomas, Emma, Leah, Julie and Kate.

Marital Status - Single

Favourite Food - Fish

Favourite Drink – JB Coke

Favourite Football Team – Liverpool FC

Favourite Holiday Destination – Paris

Great moment - Attending the 2005 Champions League Final in Turkey between Liverpool and Milan. L'pool become Euro Champions for the fifth time.

Worst moment - The sell out of Capital Radio 88.7FM

Favourite Film - Saturday Night Fever

Favourite Actor / Actress – Tom Hanks / Nicole Kidman

Pub or Nightclub - Dance till I drop!

Favourite 80s Club - Raffles

Favourite Songs
1965 - Ticket to Ride - Beatles
1967 - A Whiter Shade of Pale - Procal Harum
1974 - You Make Me Feel Brand New - Stylistics
1975 - Imagine - John Lennon
1976 - Music - John Miles
1982 - Rio - Duran Duran
1984 - Two Tribes - Frankie Goes to Hollywood
1985 - Into the Groove - Madonna
1997 - Bitter Sweet Symphony - The Verve
2008 - Viva la Vida - Coldplay

Favourite Groups
Bee Gees
Depeche Mode
Duran Duran
Frankie goes to Hollywood
Led Zeppelin
Pink Floyd
Soft Cell
Scream Daisy

Favourite Female Singer
Karen Carpenter
Annie Lennox

Favourite Male singer
Michael Jackson (70s and 80s)
Phil Collins
Barry White

Song requested at my funeral
- Stairway to Heaven - Led Zeppelin (To be a rock and not to roll)

On my tombstone you may write
- The R-E-F-L-E-X

Who would I invite invite to dinner and why
1. Nick Rhodes (Duran Duran) - I met him prior to the Duran Duran Concert and he's cool and very down-to-earth. A great guy.

2. Mark Orsini – My best friend and colleague. We worked together as DJ's. Unfortunately he died over 12 years ago. Still missed.

3. Madonna - She's a showgirl…and we grew up together. I had her in my bedroom several times (her posters I mean!!!)

4. Kenny Dalglish – Liverpool Greatest Legend.

My father is the most influential person in my life - ...a very experienced organizer and great manager.

Hobbies - Cars, Cinema, Walking, Music Reasearch, Internet, Cooking and Photography. I also try to fit a few hours of table-soccer training a week.

You may not know that…
Alex was born on the same day (1 May 1965) and time when Liverpool won the FA Cup for the very first time. Liverpool won 2-1 at Wembley Stadium against Leeds Utd (guided by the great Don Revie) and brought the cup to Anfield for the very first time.

He joined the banking sector in 1983. He currently works in PR.

In June 2004, Alex won the Carlsberg Doubles Table Soccer National Championship together with goalie, Joe Esposito. The prize was VIP trip at Lisbon , Portugal for the Euro 2004 and watched England – Portugal (including Beckam's penalty miss) and France – Greece . Thank you Carlsberg, the official sponsors.

Alex is addicted to chronology (dates/birthdays/general knowledge).

Before he started on radio, Alex was a regular DJ at several clubs, weddings and parties. Many people used to ask him if he's on any radio station. That convinced him to give it a go.

Joined Radio Mas (103.7FM) in 1995 thanks to Big John. Mary Grech (Former TVM Announcer) was his station manager at that time and takes a lot of credit.

Reflex started on Radio Mas back in 1996, a year later. DJ Simon Pisani a colleague suggested that Alex should present a specialised radio show. Reflex became the 80's radio programme as known today.

Joined Capital Radio 88.7FM in January 1999. The Reflex 80's Radio Show moves to Saturday Morning. Capita; Radio was sold in April 2009. 3 months later, DJ Alex Grech moved his Reflex Show on Smash 104.6FM. He is also a regular radio presenter on One Radio 92.7FM. This makes him one of the few radio presenters on two national radio stations during the same period.

Presented Retro Music TV Show on Family Television from 2008 - 2009.

Alex was the Manager of Maltese popular band Scream Daisy's from 2000 to 2004.

He's very TV camera shy.

His two most embarrassing moments on radio:
In 1997, he said Happy Birthday to soprano Maria Callas. She died in 1977!!

Did a radio competition by telephone and although he was hearing the listener on his headphones he forgot to put her on air. So a one-sided conversation was aired for a good 3 minutes!

I hate
Jealous people
Watching TV
Unprofessional / lazy radio presenters

Would not do without…
Hair Gel
CD Player

My Motto
Believe in yourself.

Message to the world
Love and you'll be loved


Interview by the Malta Independent Newspaper
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